Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nelly Berova Raynes Park London issues warning to help the digital community

Art Division Ltd is a digital marketing agency set up by MD Nelly Berova more than 15 years ago. Based in Raynes Park, London UK, Art Division Ltd is a business that specialises in helping clients in the property industry increase their online visibility.

Art Division uses the email addresses of a large number of professionals in the property industry and other business owners who can benefit from the range of digital marketing techniques we specialise in.

This includes writing blogs for our estate agent clients. In fact, a blog that proved particularly popular was one warning landlords about the government’s Right To Rent legislation. This requires landlords and letting agents to check if tenants who are immigrants have the right to remain in the UK.

This blog was one of many that was promoted on social media to extend its reach.
Art Division Ltd also uses email to keep in touch with clients, prospects, business owners and anyone we believe can benefit from our expertise. Nelly Berova Raynes Park MD explains why.

  •  Speed. When you need to get an important message to a client or business associate, email is quicker than a phone call yet still just as personal.
  • Availability. Email can be stored and retrieved far easier than any other form of communication.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Email is the best form of communication in terms of value for money and time spent conveying an important message.

There is, however, one downside to email. It can end up in your spam folder, also known as junk.
Nelly Berova, MD of Art Division Ltd, says that some years ago people believed that emails that ended up in a junk folder were toxic spam. This is not the case these days. The best way to prevent email that contains useful content ending up in your spam folder and being considered toxic is to click on it and add the email address of the sender to your safe list.

Nelly Berova MD of Art Division adds that her business sends out emails from its base in Raynes Park, London UK, that contain useful content about the latest trends in digital marketing, from Facebook advertising, social media trends, Search Engine Optimisation and website design to Google penalty recovery.

The articles are written by Art Division’s in-house experts and are designed to increase the recipients’ knowledge.

If you want to receive Art Division’s monthly emails, drop us a line and we will add you to our subscriber list. If you want to stop the free service, Art Division includes the ability to opt out of receiving any more information from our digital marketing experts.